Nutrimax Lamb Feedlot 10% Grain Additive

Nutrimax Lamb Feedlot 10% is a complete grain additive containing high quality protein, minerals and vitamins specifically formulated for the requirements of lot-fed and pasture based lambs

Key Features & Benefits

  • Made from high quality natural protein to supplement grain rations to optimise lamb growth rates
  • Contains Acid Buf® to minimise the risk of grain poisoning
  • Contains 300mg/kg of Lasalocid Sodium (Bovatec®) for improved liveweight gains and feed conversion efficiency
  • Contains Betaine which has the potential to assist sheep in hot conditions
  • Contains ammonium salts to minimise the risk of urinary calculi
  • Contains a balanced blend of vitamins & minerals including A,D & E to improve animal health
  • Contains a flavour enhancer to assist palatability

Directions for use

  • Nutrimax Lamb Feedlot 10% Grain Additive is to be included at 10% of the total diet, and fed on a daily basis
  • Provide unrestricted access to cereal straw or hay, and ensure the availability of cool, clean, fresh water
  • Refer to the ‘Intensive Lamb feeding Protocols’ Fact Sheets on The Rivalea Slingshot Website for best practice feeding methods

Nutrimax Lamb Feedlot 10% typically provides the following (As Fed Basis):

Calcium 50g/kg
Phosphorous 6.4g/kg
Zinc 500mg/kg
Selenium 4mg/kg
Magnesium 3.2g/kg
Manganese 360mg/kg
Copper 26mg/kg
Cobalt 4mg/kg
Vitamin A (iu) 52,500
Vitamin D (iu) 10,500
Vitamin E (iu) 210

Indicative Specifications (DM)

Minimum Crude Protein: 29%
Minimum Metabolisable Energy: 10 MJ ME/kg

Product Availability

Bulk, Bulka Bags (800kg) and 20kg bags

Please note that the inclusion of Bovatec® makes this product unsuitable for dogs or horses. Nutrimax Lamb Feedlot 10% grain additive should not be fed to ewes where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption. Does not contain Restricted Animal Material.

*Note that Bovatec® must be specified for inclusion in bulk feed. Nutrimax® is a registered trademark of Rivalea (Australia) Pty Ltd, Acidbuf® is a registered trademark of Celtic Sea Minerals and Bovatec® is a registered trademark of Zoetis.

For further information please contact Rivalea on (02) 6033 8062, your local Territory Manager or Rural Merchant