Nutrimax Hi Pro

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Nutrimax Hi Pro is a high protein pelletised grain additive for lactating dairy cows to support cow health and optimise milk production.
  • Protein is derived from vegetable sources to provide quality rumen degradable protein and bypass protein. No urea is used in this product.
  • Contains high levels of all essential macro minerals, vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Contains a rumen buffer.

‘Indicative Specifications’ (DM Basis)

Nutrient 1kg dose 2kg dose
Energy (ME) 11 22
Crude Protein 300g 600g
Calcium 26g 52g
Acid Buf 50g 100g
Magnesium 14g 28g
Phosphorous 10g 20g
Salt 22g 44g
Zinc 665 mg 1330mg
Manganese 490 mg 980mg
Copper 35mg 70mg
Cobalt 5.5mg 11mg
Iodine 5.5mg 11mg
Selenium 2.75mg 5. 5mg
Vitamin A 44,300iu 88, 600iu
Vitamin D 8,852iu 1, 7704iu
Vitamin E 44mg 88mg

Recommended Feeding Directions

Feed 1-2kg with crushed/rolled grain depending on other available protein sources.

Product availability : Bulk only

For further information please contact Rivalea on (02) 6033 8062, your local Territory Manager or Rural Merchant