Nutrimax Transition 1000

Nutrimax transition 1000 is designed to be fed with grain for a 21 day period prior to calving. This product contains the necessary ingredients to reduce the incidence of milk fever at calving and will also help prepare the rumen for a smooth transition onto the lactating diet.

Indicative Specifications (DM basis)

Minimum Crude Protein 16.0%
Metabolisable Energy 9.5MJ/kg
Min. Calcium 1.3%
Min. Phosphorous 0.5%
Min. Magnesium 2.8%
DCAD -2600mEq/kg
Rumensin® 260mg/kg

Recommended Feeding

Nutrimax Transition 1000 is recommended to be fed at 1kg per cow per day with 2-3kg of grain for 21 days prior to calving with access to cereal hay and limited access to pasture.

Product Availability

20kg bags & Bulk

For further information please contact Rivalea on (02) 6033 8062, your local Territory Manager or Rural Merchant