Nutrimax 150

Nutrimax 150 is a grain additive to provide lactating dairy cows essential everyday coverage of vitamins and minerals throughout the lactation cycle.

‘Indicative Specifications’ per 150g dose (DM Basis)

AcidBuf® 20g
Rumensin® 250mg
Calcium 20g
Magnesium 7.1g
Phosphorous 3.14g
Zinc 900mg
Maganese 676mg
Selenium 3.8mg
Iron 15mg
Copper 300mg
Iodine 8mg
Cobalt 7.5mg
Vitamin A (iu) 40,000
Vitamin D3 (iu) 8,000
Vitamin E (iu) 200

Feeding rate guide:

Feeding rate kg/cow/day Inclusion rate of Nutrimax 150
(kg/tonne of grain)
3.00 50kg
4.00 38kg
5.00 30kg
6.00 25kg
7.00 22kg
8.00 19kg

Pack Size:

20kg bags & bulk

For further information please contact Rivalea on (02) 6033 8062, your local Territory Manager or Rural Merchant