Milkamax 1000

At a feeding rate of 1kg per cow per day each cow will consume a minimum of: –

AcidBuf® 70g
Calcium 60g
Magnesium 40gg
Phosphorous 10g
Sodium 10g
Potassium 5g
Zinc 400mg
Maganese 200mg
Selenium 1.6mg
Iodine 2.1g
Cobolt 26mg
Copper 140mg
Chromium 4.5mg
Vit A (IU) 40,000
Vit D3 (IU) 9,000
Vit E (IU) 40

Milkamax 1000 is arguably the most versatile grain concentrate on the market.

It can be changed as easily as conditions and plans change on your farm.

Whether it’s a turn in the weather, moving through different stages of lactation, a change in pasture or a need to finesse costs, Milkamax 1000 can be adapted to meet your priorities and the needs of your herd.

Milkamax 1000 is a pelleted concentrate which offers essential everyday coverage for lactating dairy cows through the inclusion of rumen buffers, organic minerals and vitamins.

But, the beauty of Milkamax 1000 is that there is nearly no limit to the additives that you can put over the top. So, if you need biotin for hoof health, yeasts for feed conversion efficiency, molasses to get better cow flow through the dairy, betaine for heat stress, or any one of the many additives Rivalea has in stock, Milkamax 1000 can be customised to meet these needs.

Each delivery of Milkamax 1000 can be tailor made for your farm. Just imagine how convenient this could be.


How flexible is Milkamax 1000?

  • Unlimited choice.
    Include any additive you need to optimise herd health.
  • Levelof protection.
    Have additives included at higher levels to handle extreme circumstances.
  • System matching.
    Change the feeding rate based on stage of lactation and type of production systems without compromising the correct
    mineral supplementation. Milkamax can be included at between 750g to 1.2kgs to better match production outputs
    of your herd.
  • Maintain control.
    For those that buy and administer their own additives: Milkamax 1000 allows you to maintain control of the diet but free up resources and reduce the risks in purchasing, handling and storing ingredients.


What else is great about Milkamax 1000?

  • Contains organic minerals.
    Which are more easily absorbed by the cow compared to standard inorganic minerals. This means that your cows get the full benefit of the minerals.
  • Ionophores can be included.
    For improved rumen efficiency and feed conversion. (Rumensin®, Bovatec®)
  • High inclusion rate.
    Means better mixing and more consistent and accurate delivery of nutrients to each cow.
  • Less chance of separation.
    Through feeding systems and sorting by cows.
  • Time and labour saving.
    No more time-consuming handling and mixing of individual additives. One product fits all.
  • Delivered in bulk only.
    So, no more handling of 20kg bags. If you need another silo, talk to your local Rivalea Territory Manager about our silo finance.